Weapon data: Raid Shotgun

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Weapon data: Raid Shotgun

Post#1 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:25 pm

Raid shotgun is a light, close distance weapon able to shread groups of enemies with a single shot. It uses low caliber ammunition, which makes it effective against only lightly armored targets.

.Damage: 15/12.5/10
Fire rate: 1.0
Accuracy: 90%/85%/80%
...Range: 1.5/2.25/3.0
.Mobility: *0.885
...Supply: 2-10 (0.45-0.72/0.425-0.68/0.4-0.64 shots/supply)
...Reload: 1-5 seconds
......Clip: 8
..Special: splash damage, ammunition compatible
.Purpose: Self-defense

Raid shotgun is a low-caliber weapon. It is mostly intended to handle groups of small enemies.
Up to 4 can be killed with a single bullet, although it is more accurate to assume that on average 3 enemies will be killed.
When user is focused to reload entire clips, Raid Shotgun can achieve efficiency of ~2 enemy kills per supply.
Reloading single bullets will bring that efficiency down to ~1.25 kills per supply.

Cost efficiency is not too impressive, however it should be noted that Raid Shotgun's area damage and good rate of fire can handle large groups of small enemies in short time, making this weapon useful for protecting yourself when surrounded.
Because of this, Raid Shotgun is recommended for self-defense.

- Can target up to 4 enemies with a single shot.
- Raid Shotgun can be even more effective against small enemies when used with Gunner's High Explosive ammunition.
- Motion Scanner can improve reliability of Raid Shotgun by boosting close range accuracy to 100% and average number of targets hit closer to 4.
- Reloading a whole clip of Raid Shotgun at once is much cheaper and faster than reloading single bullets.

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