Infestor as new special enemy

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Infestor as new special enemy

Post#1 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 12:27 pm

I was thinking about some stuff, and I wanted to hear your opinions.
I thought of a way to make people literally fear a new special enemy.

Passive ability:
Wherever it runs, it leaves a trail of creep behind, makes it hard for people with medium and almost impossible with light armor to hunt it down. (Just make sure to balance infestor's movementspeed.) This creep will go away by itself.

Active ability:
The ability of a protoss sentry. Making a hallucination of a special enemy and sending it against you. This copy will not deal any damage and recieve 50% more damage by any source. Pinging it will not tell if it's fake or not.
Any passive buffs from normal special enemies are NOT applied on hallucinations, like titan's iternal armor, webber's slowness attack, reanimator's passive revive ability or larva's actual impregnation if it jumps on you. (Larva stun should actually stay, there just won't be any impregnation.)
Hallucinations can be targeted by turrets and players to get them killed.
If the hallucination dies (or in splasher's case also hit a target in melee) it will just go "poof" into a small white cloud.
Those hallucinations spawn next to the infestor, but will be sent after a player. (Infestor = sentinent nest for his hallucination)
The cooldown of spawning hallucinations should be around...30 seconds, maybe?

If the infestor dies, all his hallucinations dissapear as well.
Motion scanner or flares can make the hallucination go "poof" without needing the player to attack it.
Scout's Motion drones can NOT see the difference between a real or fake special enemy.
Flame would be its weakness and it does run away from the player if being hit.

Other Information:
I thought about making it play with player's sanity.
Imagine reactor core being completly fine, but you experience 0.5 second intervalls where lights go on and off for like 2-3 seconds.
Imagine a few spawning fast-moving splasher around the map that hunt for players but can not be targeted by anything and can run through other units. It just goes "poof" into a white small cloud when they hit you or a turret (without actually dealing damage).

So... what do you think about it?
I remember back in 2015 when the Agent was op... Rest in supplies, my friend.

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