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Underpowered Rare Enemies Topic

Post#1 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:13 pm

For me the game feels like some rare enemies are not threatening enough, I’m especially pointing out on moments when you are prepared. I want fighting with special enemies funnier and killing them to feel more earned. The enemies I’m talking about are:

  • Titan: I really don’t like how it insta dies from explosives. Titan isn’t a treat anymore basically, they are slow and don’t do much by themselves. Titan is a wall what slowly damages you and blocks your way, and now more than half of classes no longer need to risk anything to counter them.
  • My idea is what explo should deplete around 60% of titan’s hp, not more, this should be achieved by increasing his hp by a lot. Now hear me out, to compensate this armor is reduced to 10, hp regen reduced and also titan’s resistance to high damaging attacks is now limited to attacks from the front. Nuke instakills titan now, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t currently. Also titan’s attack now impales all enemy units in a line, allowing to threaten players behind heavy and endanger the turrets.
  • Titan would die slightly slower vs ap, regular weapons vs reapers would still scratch his face and not much more, the real and effective way of counterplay without ap is usage of high damage weapons from the back. Titan would be an actual miniboss what has only one hard reliable counter and multiple soft ones, which require more teamplay in combat.
  • Leech: this enemy is a bit funny because it looks threatening in big numbers but in reality it actually isn’t. Almost never they do any real harm. I thought it would be good to focus on their ability of irritating the player and dealing exhausting damage.
  • Small damage buff. Leeches now can poison the player. When player is bleeding (leeches’s attacks especially often cause bleeding) their attacks have a small chance to reduce his sight range by 25% and attack speed slightly. The chance is higher with heavy bleeding, can only occur when having less than 80 hp. Stacks up to 3 times, the effect ends only when healing above 80 hp.
  • Leeches would be a threat for lone roamers with light and medium armor. They are not the kind of enemy you can simply run away from so high dps weapons of self defence would help. It would also give more incentive for medics to place medipacks around the map.
  • Mother: the ability to hatch eggs and block entire locations with them is strong indeed, maybe a bit too strong. But the queen herself could receive a buff.
  • Hp regen is pretty big, could be lowered, while maximum hp can go up significantly, just like melee damage.
  • She isn’t an assaulter and players can surely prepare for clear. It is in theory an interesting job for scout to kill mother, but maybe a bit too easy one as other classes can quite easily do that too.
  • Giant: strong surprising dash, with buff an enemy is actually quite a threat, but despite this I don’t think extra like 100 hp would be an overkill. It’s dangerous mainly when facing without expecting.
  • I just want explo to be less of an answer to any possible trouble, and after buff it should stop oneshotting giant. Also the fire would kill him a couple of seconds longer now.
  • Watcher:
    Increase hp significantly. Make it spawn a couple of extra zombies when attacked. Make it immune to hot streams.
  • Fire is a perfect answer, and high-bursting damaging weapons are good too, I don’t mind a buff. Considering it spawns a lot near hot streams it would be cool if it was immune, it also makes sense as it uses probably something similar to float.

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Re: Underpowered Rare Enemies Topic

Post#2 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:27 pm

1. Titan:
I agree, Titan should take 2 explosives, not just 1.

2: Leeches:
I agree they could get a buff, but not your kind of buff. It already "sounds" op.

3. Mother:
Stop. You are asking right now to buff the most threatening special enemy out of all.
Fire is supposed to be their weakness, but her million eggs to spawn OP tanking and rushing broodlings which also give no fucks about being on fire since fire is a fucking JOKE to them, will be your death.
It's not about the mother itself to be strong, it's about her egg-spawn ability.

4. Giant:
Giant is in a good spot right now. No buff needed.

5. Watcher:
Watcher is a threat if you ignore it or don't have a fire weapon. Sometimes it walks out of an explosive, easily 10 supply wasted for nothing. And sometimes you or someone else hit it with a non-fire weapon weak weapon which will cause the watcher to run away. In worst places you will waste ALOT of time and supply, since sometimes it runs around 2 hallways while spawning and regenerating the damage back up.
So I'd say it's in a good spot too.
I remember back in 2015 when the Agent was op... Rest in supplies, my friend.

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Re: Underpowered Rare Enemies Topic

Post#3 » Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:13 am

I was scared after reading Igras post.
I tend to agree more with what Lemon said.
freshly hatched enemy buff makes mother a threatening enemy.

So I also think that Titan for one Explo is too little.
With current Long ass cooldown two explos would be a lot, Soo changing the numbers so that explo with some fire support kills Titan could be correct.
giving titan 50-100 extra HP which is a lot because of high armor and internal armor, or weakening explo damage to units by 50-100.

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Re: Underpowered Rare Enemies Topic

Post#4 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 4:06 pm

100% agree with Lemon Mother is strong enought

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Re: Underpowered Rare Enemies Topic

Post#5 » Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:33 pm

I am still not sure about rare enemy buff. While they are really rare now haven't met a single one yesterday many of them are 100% the ladt piece to end another peoples life.

While common enemies are already a big problem now the least I need is giant with massive dmg, splasher with inhumam speed and ignoring armor as well as creeper who also do insane dmg not to mention prowler fire doesn't work on him as well as ap...

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Re: Underpowered Rare Enemies Topic

Post#6 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 6:32 pm

I feel like I could do better with suggestions about giant and leech now. I will do a new post about enemies eventually, summing up thoughts about new ones as well. The issue to me a bit comes from rarety of encounters with basically any rare enemies, I've seen all the types once or twice over the time I played beta and that doesn't seem like enough. I think if they would spawn more often the feedback could be clearer, and later when patch comes to stabile version, spawnrate could be reduced back if this is more balanced from Dark's point of view.

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