I have returned!

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I have returned!

Post#1 » Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:16 pm

So I'm back for PS action again and from the few games I've played it seems like there are a bunch of changes to the game. Lots of new vets and managed to snag a game with InsanityEX again. So now that I'm back, I can usually get on to PS at anytime of day but the nights are usually the best for me.

Just found the discord since I was checking the forums and joined in. Name is Kara Noelle, but sadly I have no mic so I won't be able to talk. Laptop is pretty old and junky so I wouldn't be surprised if a connection broke or something.

So I'm looking to set up matches regarding the Christmas skins and farm them out on all my classes. Anyone willing to help?

Edit: Apparently Arcanus PMed me the discord link too. I feel bad for not reading that first, haha.

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