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Data mining

Post#1 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 12:18 pm

I would like to announce my stance regarding data mining Pandorium map file.
We all know there are ways to extract and to some extent decode it's contents. There's no sure way I can protect Pandorium against it.
Ideally, I wish players would not look into the map file at all, however there are some cases in which I don't mind it that much.

I like to surprise Pandorium players with new content.
I think it's fun and exciting when a game has something unexpected to offer.
As you surely understand, I am strictly against data mining undiscovered secrets and newly released content.

I wish players would rather evaluate weapons, equipment, enemies and other combat mechanics by how they feel and work in practice rather than relying on raw numbers, however I can understand it that players wish to investigate the latter.
I don't mind data mining of statistics and mechanics of known and common gameplay elements.
The only concern I have here is that while investigating them, players may accidentally stumble upon traces of unknown content.
I can also note that I don't mind if results of "permitted data mining" are being shared publicly, including through tutorials and wiki pages.

Most of all, I am against data mining of cheats, exploits and reverse engineering data bank security and encryption.

Of course, I realise that I have no way of stopping players from data mining whatever they want, however I am able to ask you not to do it in cases which I don't approve.
Large part of my motivation for developing Pandorium comes from all the fun I can give to players.
I find aggressive data mining of map file very discouraging. If you'd like me to continue working on this game please be considerate.
If you have any respect for the effort and time I put into working on Pandorium, please try to follow a few rules below:

  1. Don't data mine the map after a new update.
    Please give it at least two weeks. There is a good chance that any new content will be discovered within that time.
    Patch notes will not always contain information about new secrets. Sometimes they will contain a hint or two but another time I may hide all information of new secrets until players find out about it on their own.

  2. When you data mine the map for statistics and mechanics please try to avoid looking into content that you don't recognise. It might be a trace of something yet undiscovered.

  3. If you accidentally (or not) learn of content that isn't known yet, please, at the very least, keep it to yourself.
    Don't share spoilers with other players.
    I know it's hard to keep a secret, especially when you're excited to talk about it or test it in a serious match with other players but if you have ever felt excited about checking out something new in Pandorium you know the feeling that other players will be stripped of because of your lack of self-restraint.

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