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Flame Turret

Post#1 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:46 am

Flame Turret, yeah we all know it almost nobody uses it. Why nobody uses it? It's simple it damages the Team and other turrets are better at its job. At the moment the only really useful thing on it is it can kill a mass horde good and it can actually defend itself against Reanimator. So i thought of a rework maybe?

The Range is very poorly even for a flame turret..... it should atleast have 180° range and not only in the directions its looking.
It should also get tho most aggression rate for turrets because its normaly the Frontline turret. So let the hordes mash it instead of other turrets.
Frontline turrets should also have more armor then other turrets like a mini shield it should be a little fortified.

If anyone want to add something or thinks something is to strong please leave a comment.

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Re: Flame Turret

Post#2 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:41 pm

That all is true, I often try to use this turret whenever possible, but it's rarely worth it. There is also one more downside of it you haven't mentioned: it's dangerous to nearby allies. By making this turret in front you endanger all barricades nearby and people will get toasted whenever an enemy gets in close range. The only case when this turret is actually effective in siege is when combined with AOE attacks, like GL, enemies are slowed down by fire and this helps too. It's all good but you never get to have enough AOE weapons to make it up for players with regular weapons who can't support this front.
The ammo is honestly not particilarly small, the thing is the turret wastes way more ammo than it needs to, especially when there are small enemies coming 1 by 1.
In my vision I imagine this turret having many uses in current meta, if fixed. Continuing my "advanced" previous ideas, here is one I think would help: addition of target preset - settings in a form of abilites available for engineer.
The turret would have 3 modes:
1)-current one, to waste ammo as fast as possible;
2)-new mode: only target rare enemies (anti-reanimator);
3)-save ammo mode: limit of targeting based on number of burning stacks on enemy (1 for smallest enemies, 2 for reapers, 3 for rare enemies). This means turret only won't target the enemy, not counting AOE.

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Re: Flame Turret

Post#3 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 12:49 am

Always when something is better than another, we only used that. Maybe we don't use Double Machine Gun if Flame Turret useful than current.
I think it's better we find how to use it rather than change it.

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Re: Flame Turret

Post#4 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:33 am

I do have an idea but I can already tell it won't work. To many zombies which will switch aggro to another turret. Sometimes to many areas where zombies can spawn. Sometimes they spawn behind the turrets and there is of course also the thing with op cocoons. Do flame turrets even attack cocoons? I dunno.
I barely use flame but it was often enough to know how it works. And I dare to say, the damage output, the turn radius and the amount of current ammo really isn't worth a 15 supply upgrade.
Dark says turrets shouldn't be left alone for to long anyway. Might as well return myself (with flame thrower) or send a heavy (with flame thrower) to go back and check.
Flame turret works when it's a total block off or are sure to take aggro, but...
Can't do that at mc (people walk through often)
Can't do that at core (4 sides but 3 turrets = disgusting choices)
Can't do that at air (big ramp)
Can't do that at table (limited range/turn radius to defend medic facilty and table)
Can't do that in hallways (limited turn radius and ammo -- defense turret is better)

Don't get me wrong, flame turret has its good sides. But those good sides are rather small compared to the other turrets.
I remember back in 2015 when the Agent was op... Rest in supplies, my friend.

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