My opinion on the current state of the game

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My opinion on the current state of the game

Post#1 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:02 pm

I am Virus. I mostly play on NA servers and I really like Pandorium.
I haven't played this game for over a year now as NA doesn't really host Pandorium matches. Thanks to Osmium, however, the game became more active, and I have also been playing it actively.
I couldn't find my backup bank so I had to start from scratch. However, I do not consider this an issue at all. In fact, the games become more enjoyable when you are striving towards unlocking something. I will be adressing Dark as "You" in this post. Keep the above information in mind while reading my post, please. Also, please keep in mind that I find this game more enjoyable than before. As I will be talking about mostly negatives, this will be overshadowed quickly. There are more good stuff than bad stuff in this game.

I would like to give some of my feedback on the current state of the game. The game has changed a lot since the last time I played it, mostly in a good way.

First of all, I appreciate the changes to the whole "new player" aspect of the game. New players were reluctant about playing this game because it is overly complicated. I believe the complication of this game is what ultimately makes it fun, however. The new "Guide" mode allows veterans to choose their gear while playing on Beginner and guiding new players, which is really good. Plus, the tutorial has been changed completely in a good way. Again, I appreciate the changes.

Now, I would like to talk about the new escape method, "Fighters". I've managed to escape once on them thanks to a fellow clan member giving me his access key.
I believe the Fighters are currently too easy to defend. You are provided with 2 turrets, the space is tight and the zombies only come from one location so by taking a grenade or a flashbank you can kill all of the zombies en mass and let the turrets take care of the rest. The siege is not too challenging. The only way I see the siege failing is when a Beast or a Monstrocity comes in to ruin the day.
I have gotten to know Fighters from a person named "Protagonist" (who let me escape on the fighters in the first place). They play agent often. Which comes to back to my point. Agents have a special ability called stealth, which I am sure most of you know how it functions. The Agent has taken the Scouts role in roaming and repairing objectives, so now Agent can go around the whole map with ease as it's his job to do so. Finding the Fighter Access Key as an Agent is no issue at all.
The guy almost always won by escaping with Fighters on Nightmare and Hell. While we couldn't escape using LZ on Hell, the guy just repaired the turrets that are in the fighter room, closed the door and started the siege. I think he escaped on fighters 50% of our Hell matches that were in these days. When I was escaping on fighters as Demo, another Engi was with me with his own access code. All he needed to do for the defense (this was a nightmare match btw), is to weld outside vents and weld the fighter door. The enemies never actually broke through, and we were able to escape easily. I believe fighter siege should be somehow rework, as right now it is too easy to escape on them, even on Hell.

The weapons have been slightly reworked, but there is still this major problem that wasn't fixed, and that is some weapons are just objectively better than the other. What I noticed when looking through the weapons is that you are trying to make it so that a weapon is used for clearing normal zombies, and the other is to clear armored enemies such as Reapers. However, the fact that some weapons are just better at doing it than the rest is not OK. I believe that each weapon should have it's benefits and drawbacks, not a weapon dominate the whole build. For example, Machine Gun VS Assault Rifle. The Rifle is objectively better. It reloads quicker, shoots quicker, it does everything better. Machine Gun is slow, unreliable because of it's miss chance, and takes a long time to reload. Another one, Combat Pistol/Hunting Rifle VS Heavy Shotgun. There is currently no reason to take a Shotty over the Pistol/Rifle. The shotgun is slow, reloads slowly and in general is just a waste of time and resources. Hunting Rifle/Combat Pistol compensate for that, especially the Combat Pistol. The Combat Pistol is just faster than the Shotgun. It reloads fast, shoots fast, so you can clear the reapers easily. The only problem with the single target clears are the packs of reapers, but even then it doesn't matter as you can just kite them. Combat Pistol has enough fire rate to do that effectively. I believe that each weapon should have its situational use, but the fact that some weapons just always replace the others is not ok.

Heavy is supposed to be a "Heavy Escort", mostly for a Demolitionist, but as of right now a Gunner can do the same job even better, as even his Stim has 2 charges, for himself and Demo. However, what I am more concerned about is the Shredder HMG. The HMG is just absurd. Place it in a siege, and that spot will be safe forever. It's just very overpowered. As of right now a match only really needs heavy because of it, and otherwise all of the Heavies would be replaced with Gunners. However, I do not consider giving Heavy an overpowered weapon "keeping him in the game". I suggest you somehow nerf the Shredder and give the Heavy something else of value, because as of right now he is not really an Escort.

Another thing that I see is still in the game is the Gunner's V (fire ammo). I believe it to be just a waste. You either take C (explosive) for a huge aoe clear potential, or X (ap) to kill reapers and other armored elite enemies with weapons that are not designed to do so. C is still king, X comes second however, it is just better to take a weapon that kills reapers instead of constantly giving yourself (the gunner) X just to be able to deal with them. V is still mostly useless, however, I respect it that you are implementing elite enemies that are not armored, but still very annoying and require V. Like for example, I don't know if my memory is failing me, but I believe that when I shoot the leeches with a gun that had V on it, the leeches began running away. But the main problem is that the Gunner needs to either give the V to his Demo, or give the V himself which takes a LONG time to do so, you might as well be dead at this point. Maybe lower the delay of giving yourself (the gunner) a type of ammo, or at least on X and V? Just a thought.
I am also going to rant about the Smart Gun real quick. It's just bad. The Gunner can currently take either MG or AR instead of SG (you always take AR). The real problem is that SG is no longer compatible with ammo. So, on higher difficulties, when you are escorting your demo, and you encounter a nest, SG will hardly do anything as enemies from the nest spawn in packs instead of spawning individually. So you need your C in order to clear them. And when a reaper pops up you can just shoot it with your pistol. But without SG you can't really do anything, again, because of the massive delay on your ammunition. Otherwise, maybe you can give yourself (the gunner) C constantly on your pistol, and use SG against minor inconveniences, but as of right now, SG is useless.

Please keep in mind that I have only played engineer, demo and gunner so far (after coming back since a year hiatus). So, I can't really talk about other classes. However, I can talk about them from what I saw other players were doing.

The current meta is to take a Medic with the survivor finding tool (forgot what it's called) and just take all of the survivors with you as escorts. This completely removes the need for an escort. So, the only class that really needs an escort is the Demo. I find this a little bit counterintuitive. What a new player would normally expect is that a Medic needs a normal Gunner escort (like it was in the old days), but now it's just take all the survivors you can find in move on. I believe that Medic should always have a gunner as an escort, not this stupid survivor meta, so maybe a survivor nerf or an equipment nerf could be done so that the Medic needs a gunner again.

What I just said is my opinion and my opinion only. Some people may agree, disagree, critique me, whatever. Keep that in mind. I just wanted to say something as Pandorium is a good game and I really like it, so I want it to become better.
Also, I have only played for 3 days (about ~30+-10 matches), so my opinion might not be very updated. Hopefully, NA keeps having active Pandorium matches so I can test everything out further, and play the game even more.

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Re: My opinion on the current state of the game

Post#2 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:25 am

Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad to see you back in Pando.
I'm very happy that you liked changes done from perspective of a year-long progress.

I'm also quite satisfied with changes I did to new player experience.
There are a few things done that make a huge difference. Pandorium should be much more accessible now.

Smartgun and Heavy Shotgun are the two weapons that need balancing most. I'm still looking for ways to improve them.

It's easy enough to adjust Fighter siege difficulty, however I'd need to get opinions from more players on that. Difficulty can sometimes be random or subjective. It's better if I adjust it based on feedback from multiple sources.

Regarding Gunner ammution you'd best ask other players.
I'm not sure if ammunition type usage isn't more equalized on EU.

Shredder is very strong but I don't think it's an issue during end-game siege right now. I've seen Shredder failing to contain an evac siege front when not supported by other players (besides, I can always make sieges harder if needed).
I'd like Shredder to be used more frequently pre-end game but somehow it's still not that popular. I still gotta figure out how to achieve what I want.

Survivors are strong right now and I think that's a good thing. I wouldn't say that they are a replacement for competent dedicated escort Gunner but they sure can help keep a player alive.
They make Communication Relay an attractive choice.

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Re: My opinion on the current state of the game

Post#3 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:27 pm

Thank you for replying. As I said, I am far from an expert and I will be playing more and more to give you a more accurate feedback.

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