What was your first game like and what made you keep playing?

Write about your best Pandorium matches.
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Re: What was your first game like and what made you keep playing?

Post#11 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:56 am

My very first game of Pandorium survivor featured non other than the wonderful Fortissimo & Windiana.

I remember it fairly clear which is strange considering I've played more games of pando than I care to ever admit.
I had literally no idea what I was doing and that friendly fire was even remotely a factor.

I spawned in the rec room next to a bright blue supply crate. Not knowing what the hell a crate was I clicked on it and was delighted to see I got some extra money in the top right of my screen. After this success I figured I was off to a good start and well ahead of anyone else in the match.

Since I was golden in the supply zone I proceeded to reload my weapon to test it out because I actually read what the reload key did... " I think reading the description of abilities set me apart from those that died early and those that lived long enough to ask what the fuck do I do."
Anyways I reloaded my weapon to find out that it did nothing and I wasted 10 supplies reloading a full pistol. After that I spent about 30 seconds trying to figure out how to open a door. (again I read the description of the interact ability which allowed me to continue further into the hell of pandorium.)

After I opened the door of the rec room I saw about 69 other doors that I had no idea where they lead so I randomly walked down the corridor into the caves to try and find something more dangerous. On my way down to the caves I found an ally and killed him because I thought the game was PvP kind of like the The Thing and no one knew I killed him because there was notification for killing allies yet!

After the sucess of killing an ally I said, "oops I think I killed an ally".
To which I got the reply of "lmao"

After killing my first ally I discovered cocoons in the caves. Since I'm not completely horrible at video games I was able to kite the zombies the came out to fuck me from the cocoons. I didn't lose much health so I figured after killing a few surprise zombies this game was fkin easy. (lol jk it was on easy mode :( ).

I lost something close to 10 Hp when I realized I should probably doing something... So I asked, "what the fuck do I do?"

Fortissimo was kind enough to point me in all the right directions. Only with his guidance was I able to make it to the escape pods and actually get out of the facility after everyone else won.

I'm not sure if me living long enough to make it pods without revive was somehow viewed as worthy of mentoring in Fort's eyes however he did never-the-less.

Afterwards I started playing scout cuz it was really cool and Windiana taught me a few tricks of the Korean's trade book and I paired that with my micro ability to quickly beat nightmare duo with him a couple days later.

Windiana and Fort singlehandedly were the reason I even bothered to keep playing pandorium. That and the wonder of what pandorium was. I wanted to be the best at win better than anyone else at all costs.

If it wasn't for a welcoming community I would have never played pandorium more than 1 game. Community is everything for pandorium and the starcraft community.
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