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Data Hubs

Post#1 » Sat May 05, 2018 10:21 am

Here is a list of Data Hubs I've found.
1. In Defense Laser Satellite Device room.
2. In Communication Tower room.
3. In the little room on the left of the MC (next to the hackable device for lights).
4. In Hybrid containment room, bottom left wall.
5. In the overwatching area between main hallway and table, top right corner.
6. In LZ, at the top right corner.
7. In this little room between Catapult and Air treatment.
8. In Table room, between the table and the left big door.
9. In that little hangar area below the Anti-Matter Detonator, top left corner.
10. Caves, above the left ramp of Anti-Matter Detonation, right above the zombie cave entrance (left wall).

Possible bonus:
-Reduced oxygen limitation from broken Air filters. Active air filters restore station's oxygen supply.
-Enabled shared vision between players. Increased spawnrate and maximum number of survivor. survivors are no longer affected by fear. Reduced survivor' weapon reload time.
-Increased spawnrate and maximum number of medkits.
-Increased spawnrate and maximum number of supplies.
-Hybrid will no longer try to break out of cell.
I remember back in 2015 when the Agent was op... Rest in supplies, my friend.

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