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Teamspeak3 server

Post#1 » Mon Feb 18, 2019 6:58 am


Are you sick of Larvas while typing? are you sick of getting Zombie Raped while pinging your position? you want to change it? Good, Good, then stay an listen what a nice feature i go you and your friends!

I have created an Teamspeak3 server where everyone can join if he wants. You dont need to actually play Pando to join it of course its free to use for everyone. We can play Pro Hell even better with better communication. Imagine it playing Pando and you just need to say where the nest is instead of pinging it or someone made a good joke and you want to show him you liked it meanwhile you get Insanely attacked by one of those Fury fuled Larvas. Dont worry anymore join us now and be prepared for the Fight!

we dont need a password!

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