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Update 0.80.2

Post#1 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:35 pm

Halloween is getting closer and it's already crawled it's way into Pandorium station.
Beta-tests which I organised recently for "Candy Kills" mode were extremely helpful. After working on it for a little longer, I believe it is finally ready to be released.

"Candy Kills" is a PvP mode where players need to use Proton Guns and collect candies from enemies.
When a player has collected enough candies, he/she has to bring them over to a big cauldron filled with candy soup.
Whenever a player dies, he/she will drop a considerable portion of carried candies. This means that no victory is sure until the very end.
I did my best to balance this mode to be fun and more-or-less balanced but if you consider a weapon, class or strategy to be overpowered, please let me know.

Besides the new seasonal mode, this update contains impactful changes to automated turrets.
Automated Defense Machine Gun, Automated Double Machine Gun and Automated Rifle will now only attract attention of their target enemy, as long as they are placed away from vital station facilities.
Automated Defense Machine Gun has also been significantly rebalanced.

Changelog v. 0.80:
  • Halloween content enabled.
  • "Candy Kills" PvP game mode enabled.
  • Rebalanced Automated Defense Machine Gun.
  • Automated turrets with Noise Reduction will now attract very little enemy attention when not placed near vital facilities.
  • Increased maximum number of Explosives' ability charges to 4.
  • Reduced Explosives' recast cooldown.
  • Slightly reduced damage dealt to structures by Explosives.
  • Security Mech will now take no more than 40 damage per received attack.
  • Fixed bug allowing evacuation ships to be controllable by players.
  • Fixed broken camera when player respawns after dying in a vehicle.
  • Fixed Ammunition Box and Medipack not being placeable at hinernation capsules area.

Changelog v. 0.80.1:
  • Halloween is over. : (
  • Player equipment selection will now be saved between matches.
  • Reduced Medipack deployment cost to 5.
  • Increased fire rate of Silencer Pistol to 0.7.
  • Removed Flare supplies cost. Increased maximum number of ability charges to 5.
  • Increased Flare shared vision range to 7.
  • Increased Flare throwing range to 8.
  • Fixed Knife always missing when using last ability charge.
  • Fixed ability supply costs not being refunded when player is unable to reach target destination.

Changelog v. 0.80.2:
  • Enabled Christmas content! o<|:D
  • Added new unlockable Christmas icon.
  • Added Christmas skin for Survivors.
  • Added new station facility: Medical Terminal.
  • Improved Survivor's AI.
  • Number of Survivors spawning during Rescue Dropship siege will now depend on number of defending players.
  • Reduced amount of supplies required to repair Battle Tank Wreck.
  • Fixed Survivors not evacuating in rescue ships.

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Re: Update 0.80.1

Post#2 » Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:51 pm

I just did a small update.
It includes disabling Halloween content, some minor adjustments and fixes and equipment setup saving between matches.

Unfortunately, I did not have the time to test this update after upload.
If you've played it, please let me know if there are no critical issues!

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Re: Update 0.80.2

Post#3 » Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:26 am

I did a small update enabling Christmas content.
I am terribly sorry for being so late with it this year. December has been insanely busy for me IRL. I've been switching my job, relocating, having a vacation and dealing with the usual Christmas hassle.

Besides Christmas content this update includes improvements to Survivor AI. I believe they should be easier and more reliable to control now.

There is also a new minor facility, which can be used to recover small amount of health at the cost of 10 supplies.

Last, but not least: I'd like to wish everyone merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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