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Update 0.82

Post#1 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:08 pm

It's been quite a lot of time that I've spent on this update and it turned out pretty big.
There are no new features this time but there are tons of balancing and improvements of existing features.
I believe these changes will have a significant impact on the game.
There's quite a lot, so I will only focus on commeting on the bigger ones.

I intend Uzi to be a very effective self-defense weapon, which comes at considerable cost in supplies.
Dealing well mostly with small enemies, Uzi was no longer competitive to other weapons focused on that role.
Uzi's damage has been increased to boost it's ability to deal with Reapers.

Sniper Rifle was reworked to make it deal better with rare enemies.
It now has infinite attack range and it applies a "Cripple" debuff that significantly and permanently slows down enemies.
To make use of Sniper Rifle's range, Scout is now able to move freely while using Recon Drone.
I am hoping that these changes will make it possible and practical to use Recon Drone for finding targets while Scout can eliminate them from long range.
One more useful feature that should help Scout and Recon Drone work together is that either of them can now be clicked to switch camera focus between them.

Grenade Launcher had a minor but fun change.
With accurate targetting players can now use it to kill Reapers. They have to be hit directly at the center of explosion though.

Raid Shotgun has been significantly changed.
It used to deal lesser splash damage to up to 4 enemies over a large area. This number was reduced to 3 and damage area reduced in size.
Rate of fire of Raid Shotgun was significantly reduced. To help with that a little, Raid Shotgun can now fire up to 2 shots in quick succession before the long cooldown interval kicks in.
Raid Shotgun also has a new "quick swap" attribute, which allows attacking with player's alternative weapon while Raid Shotgun is cooling down.

Rocket Launcher also had a rework.
Quantity has been swapped for quality here. Instead of 3 rockets, Rocket Launcher now only holds 1. Attack area and damage have been increased though.
I am hoping that Rocket Launcher will now situationally be able to handle exterminating Nests as long as their health hasn't grown too high.

Gatling Gun has never really felt like the weapon it's meant to be.
It's almost comical how useful it was at killing single enemies with one shot like some pistol with huge clip attached.
Now, when attacking, Gatling Gun will have a short warm up time before it starts shooting.
When done attacking, Gatling Gun won't stop right away. It will always fire 3 extra bullets before player is able to move again. To balance out these extra waster bullets, clip size was increased.
This change should make Gatling Gun not very effective at killing lone small enemies, while making it excellent at dealing with large enemies or groups.

There's been a pretty big change regarding automated turrets: when destroyed, they can now still be repaired by an Engineer or a player with Toolkit and it's a pretty cheap thing to do.
Automated Machine Guns deployment cost was also reduced to make things even cheaper.
Lastly, Toolkit now allowed Automated Machine Guns to be upgraded into Automated Defense Machine Gun, Automated Double Machine Gun or Automated Rifle.
With these changes I am trying to boost Toolkit, as well as encourage players into using automated turrets also in areas other than vital facilities.
I'd like to make a request here for players to try experimenting with that a bit and share their feedback.

There's a minor new feature to Backpack: it can be used to drop some of your own supplies for another player to pick up. This should help in sharing supplies between players.
Backpack doesn't really need improvements as it's a pretty strong pick already, however I expect this new ability to be very situational.

It's easy to miss it but this update came with a lot of attention given to sneaking mechanics.
Enemies who notice a nearby sneaking player will now be the only ones alerted to attack him. No longer should an entire room of enemies swarm at you becuase some straty Zombie shouted "There he is!"
Avoiding enemies while sneaking should be much easier now.
I would really appreciate any feedback from players regarding how that works in high difficulty matches.

Changelog v. 0.82:
  • Added new weapon special attribute: "quick swap". It allows using other weapons during firing interval.
  • Increased Uzi damage.
  • Reduced Uzi mobility rating.
  • Sniper Rifle damage now has armor penetration effect.
  • Sniper Rifle will now apply Crippled status to targets.
  • Sniper Rifle now has "quick swap" attribute.
  • Slightly increased Sniper Rifle reload time.
  • Sniper Rifle and Assault Sniper Rifle no longer have any attack range limit.
  • Grenade Launcher will now deal 300% damage to one target at the very center of explosion.
  • Increased Grenade Launcher's minimum range.
  • Slightly reduced Grenade Launcher's reload time.
  • Reduced Flamethrower's mobility.
  • Increased Heavy Shotgun's full clip reload cost.
  • Reworked Raid Shotgun.
  • High-Powered Pistol has been changed into High-Powered Shotgun.
  • Slightly increased Combat Pistol reload cost.
  • Combat Pistol now has "quick swap" attribute.
  • Increased Hunting Rifle's clip size and reload cost.
  • Reduced Hunting Rifle's firing interval to 1 second.
  • Rocket Launcher's damage was increased and equalized for all enemy targets.
  • Increased Rocket Launcher's explosion radius.
  • Reduced Rocket Launcher's clip size and reload cost.
  • Increased Rocket Launcher's reload time.
  • Increased Rocket Launcher's minimum range.
  • Gatling Gun will now have a short warm up time before firing.
  • Gatling Gun will now fire 3 additional shots after attacks.
  • Increased Gatling Gun clip size. Reduced reload cost.
  • Increased Automated Rifle's chance to hit small targets.
  • Increased Automated Rifle's maximum ammunition.
  • Reduced Automated Double Machine Gun's maximum ammunition.
  • Rebalanced Automated Defense Machine Gun.
  • Reduced Molotov use cost and ability recharge cooldown.
  • Slightly increased Grenade's damage.
  • Increased Knife's damage dealt to enemies which are not instantly killed.
  • Reduced Mine placement recharge time.
  • Backpack can now be used to drop supplies at a location.
  • High Explosive ammunition will now slightly increase weapon accuracy.
  • Toolkit now allows to revive automated turrets from wrecks.
  • Toolkit now allows upgrading into Automated Double Machine Gun and Automated Rifle.
  • Engineer is now able to revive automated turrets from wrecks.
  • Engineer is now able to deconstruct allied automated turrets.
  • Reduced Automated Machine Gun deployment cost.
  • Reduced Automated Machine Gun deployment recharge time. Increased maximum number of charges.
  • Made adjustments to availability of weapons for most classes.
  • Scout is now able to move while using Recon Drone.
  • Added camera switching between Scout and his Recon Drone when they are clicked.
  • Spawned Recon Drone will now automatically register itself in player's control group 2.
  • Recon Drone can no longer be detonated to deal damage to enemies.
  • Increased maximum distance between Scout and his Recon Drone before it disconnects.
  • Deploying Sandbags or Ammunition Boxes will no longer interrupt other abilitites or attacks.
  • Sneaking players will now only be detected by nearby enemies looking at them.
  • Reduced Distraction recharge time. Increased maximum number of charges.
  • Slightly increased maximum population of small supply pickups.
  • Pickup items will no longer spawn near Security Mech Platform nor Battleship Wreck.
  • Slightly increased Defense Satellite Control Panel repair cost. Reduced repair time.
  • Air Treatment Facility will now annihilate nearby enemies when critically damaged.
  • Improved clarity of emergency lighting during anti-matter detonation event.
  • Slightly reduced Watcher's detection range.
  • Increased spawn damage dealt to enemies spawning from burning units.
  • Cocoons will now have a chance to burst open over time.
  • Increased duration of firearms protection buff applied to enemies spawned from Cocoons.
  • Added visual effect for firearm protection buff on enemies spawned from Cocoons.
  • Fixed players being able to see automated turrets and Shredder placement of other players.
  • Fixed Raid Shotgun and Heavy Shotgun dealing increased damage to their primary attack target.
  • Fixed Smartgun hitting allies in some situations.
  • Fixed fire weapons being able to destroy supply pickups.
  • Fixed Explosives frequently failing to kill enemies spawning from Cocoons.
  • Fixed Automated Rifle not focusing Reapers.
  • Fixed automated turrets not attacking enemies sometimes.
  • Fixed enemies spawning from burning Cocoons having movement speed and firearm protection buffs.
  • Fixed Splashers detonating themselves to attack station facilities.
  • Fixed enemy voice sounds being played when they were attacked without ammunition.
  • Fixed Sandbags sometimes crawling around.

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