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Update 0.82.2

Post#1 » Sat Apr 06, 2019 6:31 pm

Since last update there were a few bugs and issues that I wanted to address as soon as possible.
Because of that, I hurried to roll out a new version with some quick fixes and a few simple player suggestions.

Changelog v. 0.82.2:
  • Raid Shotgun's second shot can now be fired a little sooner.
  • Slightly reduced Raid Shotgun's reload time.
  • Slightly reduced Combat Pistol rate of fire.
  • Slightly increased Combat Pistol reload cost.
  • Increased Explosives' deployment cost and recharge cooldown.
  • Increased Explosives' throwing range.
  • Increased Explosives' damage dealt to structures.
  • Increased Molotov's chance to apply Burning to Reanimators.
  • Shredder can now be deployed on Barricades.
  • Changed Barricade models.
  • Barricades and Sandbags now have an ability allowing to destroy them.
  • Agents and sneaking players will no longer break stealth of other Agents.
  • Increased Giant's attack damage.
  • Burrowed Creepers will now be immune to explosive and melee damage.
  • Invaders on Hell difficulty will now roam the station before starting to hunt for players.
  • Invaders are now immune to damage from hot steam pipes.
  • Increased Leviathan Tentacles' attack range.
  • Increased Leviathan Tentacles' damage. Reduced damage area.
  • Added unbuildable terrain near west enemy spawn point in cave's mining pit.
  • Added new WIP beginner tooltip to remind about reloading weapon.
  • Fixed High-Powered Shotgun receiving one special ammunition bullet less than it should.
  • Fixed Survivors approaching players trying to use abilities which are on cooldown.
  • Fixed Invaders staying near fallen players.
  • Fixed Fighter Access Code always spawning near Main Computer.
  • Fixed Bleeding and Air Contamination damage interrupting some player activities.
  • Fixed Deceiver not morphing from Survivor form after approaching stealthed player.
  • Fixed Leviathan Tentacles sometimes not attacking Anti-Matter Detonator.
  • Fixed players not being able to loose the game after activating Leviathan battle.

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