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Update 0.82.1

Post#1 » Fri Mar 29, 2019 1:56 am

This update I focused mostly on balance and bug fixes.
There were a lot of bug reports lately and I took the time to investigate most of them. Thanks for all your help!
There are also many balance changes. I would like to comment on some of them:

  • I intend Combat Pistol to be used mostly to deal with lone Reapers. While at it, I'd like players to make use of the "quick swap" mechanic. Previous update was too harsh on it's performance though and line-of-fire collision didn't allow it to fulfil it's purpose well. Hopefully Combat Pistol will do a little better, now that these issues were addressed.

  • I'd like Raid Shotgun to be a light weapon used to deal with groups of small enemies. I wouldn't want it to be commonly used with Gunner's special ammunition as that makes it too versatile. Because of that I have reduced it's clip size. I increased maximum number of enemies hit to 4 to reduce number of situations when players will need to make use of it's second shot - that one will be reserved for fending off large hordes.

  • Hunting Rifle was a little too strong compared to it's competition. It can handle groups of Reapers and being able to deal a lot of damage in short time made it pretty good against rare enemies. In this update, Hunting Rifle's damage output was reduced and it's benefits will come at a slightly higher cost in supplies.

  • Since previous update, Rocket Launcher is meant to be a utility weapon, used mostly to deal with weaker Nests from distance. High rate of fire has made this weapon too effective at it's role however. It even allowed the solo-Demo playstyle, which I don't support.
    In this update, Rocket Launcher will still be reloading quickly but it's rate of fire was stretched up to a few long seconds. Players will need to make use of "quick swap" inbetween shots. This change was made to create an opening, during which Demolitionist will be exposed to enemy attacks. To keep Rocket Launcher useful against Nests despite very low rate of fire, it's damage was significantly increased.

  • Gatling Gun's warm up time was quite bothersome at times. It happened frequently that right after this weapon stopped firing it needed to be used again right after, forcing player to wait for warm up over and over again.
    In this update Gatling Gun will remain ready to shoot for 4 seconds after attacking.

  • Station's infestation is a common threat to be seen a lot in every match. I felt that it was a little too crippling for players with Light Armor. Because of this, infestation's movement speed reduction was toned down. Hopefully players will now feel a little more confident when choosing Light Armor.

  • Backpack has been a very popular pick lately. I also think that it's benefits stood out when compared with other utility equipment. Because of that I lowered Backpack's reload time reduction.
    Backpack will also no longer increase supplies collected with Deconstruct ability. I was worried that this benefit could be discriminating Engineers without Backpack, forcing them to leave debris to be collected by Engineers with one.

  • Just like Battle Tank and Combat Mech, Hydraulic Frame can now be upgraded. It will receive increased health, armor and a ranged weapon with ammunition. It still won't be a formidable weapon but it's strength does go up significantly when upgraded.
    This was added for consistency with other vehicles and to further boost usefulness of Toolkit.
    Because 3 upgraded vehicles add up to a lot of firepower, it has to come with a significant price. That's why Toolkit's upgrade ability cost went up.

  • In previous update automated turrets became much more accessible with significantly reduced deployment cost.
    I felt that Shredder should also be treated that way. It's high deployment cost and long cooldown made this weapon's use cases very limited. I am hoping that with these aspects improved, players will find more reasons and occasions to deploy Shredder.

  • Motion Scanner is supposed to be the main counter against Larvas and Creepers. That purpose was overshadowed by deployed Scanner Drones in later stages of the game however.
    This update I decided to make Larva and Creeper detection a unique job for Motion Scanner. Scanner Drones will no longer detect these enemies.
    To further emphasize it's role, Motion Scanner will now allow attacking Creepers while they are burrowed.

  • There have been multiple changes related to Nests in this update.
    On high difficulty levels, I'd like players to need to put up more of a fight with the Nest before they are able to exterminate it. Lately, this was not the case. At times, even lone Demolitionist was able to do it just fine.
    From this update, Nests will spawn groups of Cocoons as first line of defense. Besides that, Nests will spawn enemies much more frequently when players are nearby. This will make Nests much more dangerous and killing them will take more firepower than before. With that being the case, Heavy will perhaps come back as a competitive candidate for the role of Demolitionist's escort.
    To help deal with the new threats of Nest extermination, their respawn time was significantly reduced. Players should have enough time to prepare and approach Nests carefuly. I'd preffer to have Nest-killing be a battle against large hordes of enemies rather than race against time.
    One more related change that is worth taking note of is that Nuclear Warhead will now deal full damage to Nests from longer distance. With Nests being more dangerous than before, Demolitionist will no longer need to get very close to deal with them.

  • There were many recent changes that have made the game easier: more supply pickups, cheaper and revivable automated turrets, improved stealth, faster movement on infestation and a few other, lesser changes.
    I think these changes are a step in good direction, reducing number of problems that were common causes for defeat and letting players deal with higher population of enemies. I've felt that overall difficulty was in a good spot before these changes however and I'd like to bring it back to comparable levels. Players being able to put up more of a fight is only more reason to do so.
    Because of this, overall difficulty values have been increased.

  • Until now, lobby game mode vote for Beginner mode was split up into "Easy" and "Hard". This choice decided wheter player received beginner survivability buff or not. I noticed that latter option hasn't been used much. Instead of it, something different might situationally be useful: ability to vote for beginner mode despite being a veteran.
    Game mode vote options will now be the following: "Beginner", "Pro" and new option: "Guide" - vote for beginner mode, while being equal to "Pro" vote in all other aspects.

Changelog v. 0.82.1:
  • Combat Pistol shots will now bypass enemies.
  • Slightly increased Combat Pistol's rate of fire.
  • Increased Raid Shotgun's rate of fire.
  • Reduced Raid Shotgun's clip size and reload cost.
  • Raid Shotgun can now hit up to 4 enemies with a shot.
  • Increased Hunting Rifle reload cost.
  • Reduced Hunting Rifle damage.
  • Increased Heavy Shotgun damage.
  • Reduced Rocket Launcher's reload time.
  • Significantly reduced Rocket Launcher's rate of fire.
  • Significantly increased Rocket Launcher's damage.
  • Increased Smartgun accuracy.
  • Gatling Gun will no longer require warm up time for up to 4 seconds after attacking.
  • Slightly reduced Explosives placement cooldown.
  • Reduced infestation's player movement speed reduction.
  • Adjusted Light Armor's maximum sneaking movement speed.
  • Allies with Heavy Armor will no longer take increased damage from Armor Piercing ammunition.
  • Reduced Backpacks' reload speed bonus.
  • Backpack will no longer increase supplies collected with Deconstruct ability.
  • Toolkit can now be used to upgrade Hydraulic Frame.
  • Increased Toolkit's vehicle upgrade cost.
  • Significantly increased Shredder's clip size.
  • Significantly reduced Shredder's placement time and cost.
  • Significantly reduced Shredder's reload cost.
  • Increased Shredder placement maximum ability charges.
  • Significantly increased maximum range of Automated Grenade Launcher.
  • Increased range at which Nuclear Warhead does full damage to structures.
  • Slightly reduced size of Gunner Raider skin.
  • Hydraulic Frame's drill will now deal area damage in a small area.
  • Larva and burrowed Creeper can no longer be detected by Scanner Drones.
  • Burrowed Creepers can now be attacked when detected by Motion Scanner.
  • Reduced chance of Larva impregnating it's targer when detected by Motion Scanner.
  • Added Cocoons' spawning animation.
  • Enemies spawning from Cocoons will now have increased health and armor instead of dodge chance.
  • Nests will now spawn Cocoons in their nearby area.
  • Increased maximum population of Cocoons.
  • Increased frequency of enemies spawning from Nests.
  • Infestation Nest will now increase population and spawning rate of Cocoons on infestation.
  • Reduced rate of Sentient Nest sending enemies against players.
  • Increased Nests' respawn time.
  • Leviathan Tentacles' Internal Armor will now limit damage taken from all sources except Explosives and Nuclear Warhead.
  • Slightly increased overall game difficulty.
  • Adjusted depth of minimap icons relatively to unit's importance.
  • Renamed "Beginner - Easy" and "Beginner - Hard" mode votes into "Beginner" and "Guide".
  • Fixed sneaking players sometimes luring nearby enemies over.
  • Fixed missing Splasher weapon tooltip.
  • Fixed Reanimators reviving after being one-shot killed with Incendiary Ammunition.
  • Fixed missing vent model near Security Mech.
  • Fixed Toolkit's active ability being usable on Automated Machine Guns.
  • Fixed Engineer not being able to repair automated turret wrecks.
  • Fixed inability to upgrade Automated Machine Guns without ammunition.
  • Fixed Survivor with Hunting Rifle having less ammunition than players.
  • Fixed Survivors' healing ability going on cooldown when failed to cast it.
  • Fixed Survivors not being able to use abilities on stealthed players.
  • Fixed Survivors with Hold Position order approaching players to cast their abilities.
  • Fixed Supply Pack placement cost not being refunded when cancelled while waiting for cooldown to finish.
  • Fixed Combat Mech sometimes spawning in invalid locations.
  • Fixed missing and broken Hydraulic Frame animations.
  • Fixed instructions panel not appearing when returning from non-default camera mode.
  • Fixed players being able to control evacuation ships.
  • Fixed incorrect movement ratings in tooltips of Uzi and Combat Pistol.
  • Fixed incorrect movement speed in tooltip of Oxygen Mask.

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