Biological objetives

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Biological objetives

Post#1 » Tue Sep 11, 2018 9:31 pm

I will get crazy with this so dont take it too serious.

Buildings are not worth protecting anymore, you can always go and repair them.

Right now the most important things are the ones that stay dead like survivors, vehicles, security mech and containtment field.

If one of the things above dies you will feel it while losing a filter or the table realy means nothing.

So this is my idea, Make some npcs that give some bonus nothing else can give.

This npcs should act like the sec mech, you cant control them and they will patrol a fixed route. They wont stop at nothing.
This will make them easy to get kill if not protected.

I was thinking about having one of each playable class so new players can see what their class npc can do.

They could start with less hp the harder we play:
-Normal 100% hp
-Hard 80% hp
-VH 60% HP
-NM 40% hp
-Hell 20% hp

They can be healed.

They wont spawn always. The math could be players+npc=<14. It could also be full rng if you want this big boys in full lobbys.

This guys will make low populated lobbys feel more alive and will give new players some kind of guide.
In high diff games they could be as important as the mech or tank.
They shouldn´t be visible on the minimap to encourage keeping an eye on them.

I´ve made a map of the routes they could do.


-Medic: She will patrol surg to HiB, she can heal, repair surg table and hib tubes, deploy medikits at random(for real medics to collect), restart the larva progres(back to green). She will ping survivors when they spawn.

-Engi: He will patrol from sec mech to bc. He can repair sec mech and bc without frame, repair laser and turrets on his route.
Reload ammo of vehicles(could be a 1 min cast). He will ping goliath and bc parts when they spawn and then every 2-3 mins until someone got them.

-Agent: He will patrol from mc to comms. Repair both tp, comms and mc. He can hack tp with no cd(tp always up). He can use tp without making it used or when already used(he cant when its broken) He will send 20 sup to the player with less sup every 2 min.

-Scout: He will patrol the outer parst of the map. He can deploy drones and ropes all his route. He moves using the batgun(with no cd).

-Heavy: He patrols from core to air. Weld all the vents at his route, repair air and core,Deploy ammo box at core, mc and air. 360º shield.

-Gunner+demo: They will patrol core and caves. Hunt nest at core and caves. They have exp ammo always. Demo can deploy nuke instantly. Repair anti. Ping nest when they spawn and then every minute.

When they ping something they will "talk" in the chat so you know what are they pinging.

They all have similar skills of the player class with something special.

Sorry for the bad english, sorry for the my poor paint skills :P
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Re: Biological objetives

Post#2 » Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:21 pm

mofetmofet wrote:Buildings are not worth protecting anymore, you can always go and repair them.

Yeah you can repair them however I pref having no mech and tank instead having low oxygen and only 4 filters alive.

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Re: Biological objetives

Post#3 » Wed Sep 19, 2018 8:28 pm

Dr. EVO wrote:Yeah you can repair them however I pref having no mech and tank instead having low oxygen and only 4 filters alive.

I do too, but if you lose a filter and then repair it quick it wont be a problem, but if you lose the tank... no more tank, thats what i mean.

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Re: Biological objetives

Post#4 » Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:11 pm

Problem is some filters barely come back alive since nobody goes there. Air filter behind cata or the one at frame barely gets attacked, so I get why nobody is there. But the one in bottom right of caves or between core and lz gets once killed and never comes back.

Many people complain / realize how bad air is when it's already punishing you. Or at least is down to 4 already.
I remember back in 2015 when the Agent was op... Rest in supplies, my friend.

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Re: Biological objetives

Post#5 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:40 pm

I feel like no one said anything about the suggestion and a lot about my thoughts concerning the importance of repairing... i guess you guys didn't like it

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Re: Biological objetives

Post#6 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:38 am

hm, looks interesting but maybe too hard to program for dark.

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