Spitters rebalance

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Spitters rebalance

Post#1 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:51 am

Hey. I'm starting to work on new update and I would like to get some feedback regarding balance issue with Spitters (in update 0.83.5).

Please don't post ideas like "Spitters bad, remove plz".
If nothing else, I need Spitters as replacement for groups of Zombies to improve performance on higher difficulty levels.

The information I need most is: when do Spitters cause most problems (regular spawns? sieges? etc.), for who, how bad is it and what would be your suggestions to improve it.

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Re: Spitters rebalance

Post#2 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 1:05 pm

in Korea Forum Opinion
- pir ship fall due to spitters, spitter troops appear in 'explosive spawning bug(6~9 times in row)' etc. very serious... need nerf
- I think should lower spitter's hp.

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Re: Spitters rebalance

Post#3 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:54 pm

i feel like lately i played most of my games on classes which can kill spitters better than the rest so i feel like i dont have full picture
game totally is harder with spitters but while i roam i can almost always kill them
during sieges though they make a huge difference and lz is really hard do defend even on lower diff if defense is flawed
engi players say what they cant defend facilities and maybe on hell that's true, but to me personally spitters in this patch dont destroy defense much different than before they were added
i think double mg turrets do the job
- Me
My variants to fix:

1) - spitters were meant to replace zombies, I say what if they take no more than say 18 dmg per shot, but get reduced hp.
2) - reduce their numbers by like 15%-20%, both in sieges and regular spawns.
3) - they take double dmg from ALL fire (to buff FT) or, at least from debuff like massive enemies.
4) - buff heavy shotgun for 5 dmg (so it oneshots spitters).

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