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Update 0.84

Post#1 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:33 pm

It's about time for a new update to show up.
Latest versions had some significant balance issues. Hopefully this update will fix the situation.
Initially I was hoping to include more content into this update but unfortunately the severity of balance issues has forced me to hurry.
However, this update does contain a fair amount of new content inside the secret locked station room.

Changelog v. 0.84:

  • Added new secret station facility.
    I will not reveal much here. You need to find a way to access the new room and check it out for yourself.

  • Significantly reduced Mine placement recharge time.
  • Slightly increased Mine's explosion radius.
  • Increased Mine's arming time.
  • Improved Mine's triggering mechanism.
    I realised an issue that mines had a much longer recharge time than intended.
    There is also an improvement to their explosion conditions. They will now detonate if 4 or more enemies are in range or if an enemy in range tries to leave the explosion range. I think that these conditions will make Mines much more effective in eliminating enemies.
    While at it, I wanted to emphasize the different purpose of mines compared to other hand weapons - enemy population control instead of personal combat effectiveness. To do this I increased their arming time.

  • Increased Claymore's explosion range and angle.
  • Removed Claymore's arming timer.
  • Added cast time for Claymore placement.
  • Claymore can now be thrown a short distance.
  • Added explosion area marker during Claymore placement.
    Claymore has not been a very popular choice. I am hoping to find a good use for it.
    In this update I tried significantly increasing it's explosion arc, adding short throwing range and adding a short cast time instead of arming time.
    I am hoping that these changes will make Claymore a bit more useful when protecting your defense lines or when used a pre-placed ambush to fall back to.
    Cast time is a solution I chose to prevent players from using Claymore to protect themselves when unprepared.

  • Added life time limit for Recon Drone.
  • Recon Drone respawning cooldown will now start after previously used Recon Drone is destroyed.
    Recon Drone has frequently been used

  • Increased repair time of Scouts using Toolkit.
    Due to Scout's very inefficient repair ability Toolkit has been a dominant utility equipment choice.
    To combat this, Scouts with Toolkit will now have slower station facility repair rate than other classes using it.
    However, Scout's Toolkit will remain equally efficient at repairing vehicles, doors and automated turrets.

  • Increased Seducer's maximum health.
  • Nearby allied players will no longer protect against Seducer's mind control.
    I feel that Seducer is not posing enough of a threat to players. It was very easy to dispose of as long as players were not completely unprepared for it's encounter.
    Seducer will now take a while longer to kill due to increased health.
    Now it will also be able to take control of players roaming around with teammates. This will allow Seducer's core mechanic to always remain present while not becoming a much bigger threat since players can still save one another by attacking Seducer.

  • Adjusted end-game siege difficulty balance.
  • Fixed incorrect enemy type spawning proportions of sieges.
    End-game sieges had a serious bug when spawning enemy waves of multiple enemy types. Proportions between enemy types were not respected according to their settings.
    This issue should be fixed in new update.
    After the fix I also took the time to rebalance all end-game sieges to make sure that they're playable as intended.
    If there are any more issues with this, please be sure to let me know.

  • Changed hand weapon icons.

  • Added individual minimap icons for Shuttle Access Key and Fighter Access Code objective items.

  • Fixed Smartgun's laser tracking working from inside a vehicle.
  • Fixed Flares providing vision to players through closed doors.
  • Fixed players being able to see through horizontal and vertical doors.
  • Fixed Security Mech being able to open doors under special unlocking conditions.
  • Fixed beginner players' Battleship boarding reminder not appearing.
  • Fixed incorrect repair ability tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing incorrect player to be judged by kick voting.
  • Fixed a bug making beginner players who vote Pro unable to show their objectives panel.

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