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'Lo there! Name's Rioshi. To those who don't know me, I'm the player constantly hosting on Americas server as an Engineer. Pandx clan has me as a member now for some unfathomable reason, and you can usually see me inviting people daily to games. I've beat each campaign on hard, run multiplayer elites, and laze about in coop Mastery 50 after maxing each commander.

Now! On to the details. I am a gamer, light novel manga reader, casual writer, and work Quality Assurance for EMV Readers used by businesses when I'm not in throwing down turrets for you guys. Surprisingly I only really got into the social community side of things while preparing to move on the thirtieth, so enjoying what down time I have. Work has me taking early morning shifts, which leaves plenty of time for a bit of gaming come afternoon, followed by evening packing/scheduling for the next day.

I've come on here and Dark's and Helios' advisement mostly to provide input instead of spending all lobby hours mentioning specific fixes. My former map maker experience involves making a series called Castle Defense in Warcraft III and Frozen Throne. Originally got into Starcraft when one came out which was ironically 'borrowed' by my dad for several weeks after launch. I facepalm accordingly to this day.

I also made several game scripts for some of the more popular Zombie games, so naturally horde mechanics + zombies = my kind of game. Always been rather compelled to play games with a leveling mechanic that encourages replayability as well. I am also incredibly lazy as well, so Helios and Kaedin make excellent minion to advertise the lobby when I host each day.

Anyways. Questions, comments, concerns? All are welcome. Except Impreg. Seriously. Every single time I respawn, I immediately die to that annoying mechanic. Sob.

Best Regards,

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Re: Rioshi

Post#2 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:45 am

My input : try motion scanner :lol:
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